Electronic Calibrators

Multi-Purpose Calibrator

 Model: UCA850

Electronic Calibrator

Universal Calibrator

 Model: UCA890

High Accuracy Universal Calibrator

Loop Calibrator

 Model: LCA860

Loop Calibrator

High Accuracy (0.02%)

Long-term Stability

Measures & Generates mA, mV, Volt, T/C, RTD, Ohm & Frequency

Dual 6-Digit Crystal Display

High Accuracy (0.02%)

High-Size Memory

Simultaneous Input & Output Operations

Measures & Generates mA, mV, Volt, T/C, RTD & Ohm

 Measures & Generates mA and Volts

Designed for on Field Use

On-Line Communication with a Computer

Offers All Advantages of a Documenting Calibrator

Data Sheet (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF)




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