Bargraph Indicators


Bargraph / Digital Indicators

Series: DB13


Bargraph / Digital Indicator

Multicolor Bargraph Indicators

Series: DB15 & DB16

Multicolour Bargraph Indicators

Circular Bargraph Indicator

Series: DB18

Circular Bargraph Indicator

Universal Input

Selectable Bargraph Colour and Resolution

4-Digit LED Indication

Recording of 750 Data Samples

 Inidcator + Data Logger + Transmitter + ON/OFF Controller and many more Feautres ALL IN One Unit

Universal Input

4-Digit LED Indication

4-DIGIT, 14mm High LED Display

50-DOT Bargraph, 5mm Width

mA or Voltage Output (option)

2 ON/OFF Relays, 2 Open Collector Outputs (option)

Data Sheet (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF)




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