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   Float Liquid Level Gauges measure the height of liquids in 

   vessels based on displacement of its float.

   The float connected to the measuring tape rises and falls  

   due to the changes of liquid level in the tank. When the liquid

   level rises, float will rise accordingly and the tape connected

   to the spring drum will be wound.

   With liquid level falling in the vessel, the float drops and the

   tape is pulled by the weight of the float.  This movement of

   float is transmitted to the point-scale plate (or counter) by the

   gear mechanism. Fig. 2.

   If remote indication is needed, the mechanical measurement

   is converted to a 4-20 mA output signal by a potentiometer.

   Some models can send 4-20 mA signal and up to 8 point

   alarms to a remote location.



Installation to the side of the tank

Installation to the u-type seal port

Installation to the top of the tank

Installation seal pipe & side of the tank

     For more information about Indumart LTLG600 Liquid Tank Level Gauge, please see the data sheet.






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