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Ultimate in Visual Level Indication & Control

The BLG900 Magnetic Level Gauge (by-pass) is an improved alternative to sight gauges (glass tubes) used to visually monitor liquid levels in boilers and storage tanks with up to 450C temperature and 3600 psi pressure.  Replacing the sight gauges with magnetic level gauges would result in improved safety, 10 times increased visibility, reduced maintenance, and lower long-term operating cost. 

By using non-contact magnetic level gauges, the problems of glass breakage, leakage, bursting at high pressure and temperature, poor visibility due to scale build up and unsafe operation are eliminated.  These level indicators are suitable for applications in chemical and petrochemical industries, sewage water processing, power generation and boilers.

The BLG900 level gauges use the principle of magnetic coupling to provide continuous level data without direct contact between the indicator and the fluid in the system.  The float inside the hermetically sealed tube moves with the changing liquid level, and as it travels, the coloured stainless steel wafers (flag display) which are magnetically coupled to the float rotate and their colour changes.  The wafers are visible at night without light.  A ruler is mounted along the wafer column to indicate the quantitative value of the level in metric, British imperial system or percentage of the total height. 

Optionally, the BLG900 series may be equipped with a transmitter to act as an indicating level transmitter, or magnetic switches can be installed along the tube to form an indicating level switch.

 The BLG900 may be supplied without the wafer column as only magnetic transmitters and/or switches.

Replacing the displacement level transmitter and switches with magnetic level transmitters/switches would result in improved safety, reduced maintenance, and lower long-term operating cost.

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