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RTD Sensor with Current Output

Indumart is introducing a new and unique compact temperature probe (2-wire), which produces current output.  Having a temperature sensor with 4-20 mA output is very important since it eliminates the need for expensive temperature transmitters.  Being very compact and economical are other advantages of the TMT45.  The TMT45 replaces expensive compact temperature probe assemblies including RTD probe, terminal block, probe head and temperature transmitter.

Utilizing the TMT45 eliminates the use of stainless steel probe heads in food and sanitary

industries.  Thanks to their small dimensions, these temperature probes are applicable in cars,

trains, construction machineries and other equipments, where space is limited.  Robust

vibration-proof design, IP65 protection class and protected electronics by the means of a special compound, result into an exceptional probe; ideal for withstanding harsh environments.

If local indication of the temperature is required, the TMT45 may be combined with a DIS100

indicator to display the process temperature with exceptional accuracy.

The stainless steel TMT45 sensors can be ordered in six ranges from -50 to 200C.  Various

process connections as well as stem lengths from 2 to 30 cm, are available.

For more information about Indumart TMT45 Compact Temperature Transmitter, please see the data sheet.




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