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Loop Powered Indicating Temperature Transmitter / Controller

The Indumart Loop-powered Indicating Temperature Transmitter/Controller (TST300) is a compact system which has incorporated the latest digital technology to provide accurate and reproducible conversion of 2 or 3-wire RTD or thermocouple signals to industry standard 4-20 mA output and to indicate the process temperature on its large 4-digit display.  Moreover, the TST300 with its 2 alarm outputs can be used as an ON/OFF controller to trigger external relays.  The set-point, hysteresis, direction of the alarms and their time delay can be programmed by the user.

High accuracy and drift-free linearization coupled with digital filters are designed to produce stable readings with good accuracy.

Configuration of the TST300 is easy. The temperature transmitter is configured with the aid of either a calibrator or an RTD/Thermocouple simulator.  The display and contact parameters such as, set-points, hysteresis, direction and delay time, and setting the span of the indicator to indicate the desired engineering unit are programmed via a two-key hidden keyboard.

The TST300 is waterproof (IP65), and when coupled with thermocouple sensors, galvanically isolates the input signal from the output. The unit can be mounted straight to the RTD or thermocouple sensor, or be wall mounted and connected to the temperature probe via a wire.  Optionally, the instrument can be ordered with DIN rail clamp for rail mounting.

Indicating Temperature Transmitter / Controller

For more information about Indumart TST300 Temperature Transmitter, please see the data sheet.




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