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A High Level Electronic Calibrator for a Perfect Calibration

The UCA850 Universal Calibrator is the ideal tool for any process calibration.  High accuracy, excellent stability over a long-term use and keeping consistency in temperature changes make the UCA850 a very reliable instrument for every calibration applications.  It provides simultaneous input and output operation by enabling independent measurement and simulation of most of the common instrument signals, such as mA, mV, Volt, T/C, RTD, ohm and frequency.  It also generates both internal and external 24 VDC power.


Ramp and step programming allows fixed outputs for quick calibration of the instruments.  A high size memory along with the RS-232 serial communication are designed to store and later upload the obtained values to a computer.

The calibrator also incorporates concepts of automatic checking and calibration via computer, such as report and certificate issues, automatic work management and data storage.  By obtaining the SCA850 software, the operator can produce reports, perform statistical analysis and save the calibration data in a file.


Additionally, the PCA850 Pressure Module can be used with the UCA850 for calibration of pneumatic transmitters, pressure and vacuum gauges, DP transmitters, strain gauges, etc. Applying the Indumart Precision Temperature Probe along with the UCA850, ensures very accurate measurements of temperature, and can be utilized for calibration of temperature devises.

Universal Electronic Calibrator

Pressure Module

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