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Why is the VGR600 paperless recorder the best in the market?
Process monitoring and recording are very essential in process technology.  Indumart Inc. is
introducing its well-designed and advanced paperless recorder VGR600 with many outstanding features for best displaying and recording of data as digital parameters that can be retrieved with its proficient software or with standard programs; such as Excel™.

Multipoint VGR600 paperless recorder performs integrated recording, profiling and archiving
functions.  It offers display versatility, flexible data storage and math & logic functions.  The VGR600 is applied as a data acquisition station in monitoring of environmental pollution, climatic measurement and to supervise technical process parameters in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, power, food and pulp & paper.

The VGR600 paperless recorder provides several advantages over traditional paper and pen
recorders, including improved accuracy of recorded data and reduction in the maintenance and operating costs, as they do not require chart paper and pens.  Front panel of 144 x 144 mm is the exact replacement for the existing chart recorders, while 155 mm depth is the shortest in the market.

Creating a numerical and/or graphical representation of the panel instrument, which for example, shows a bar graph view on its screen that can substitute an actual bulky bar graph meter, or depicting other panel instruments familiar to operators such as displaying an actual
chart recorder as a graph with different coloured trend lines; replacing multi-coloured inks will make the transition from the traditional recorders/panel instruments to paperless recorder effortless.

The most user-friendly setup and operation procedures, availability of many important math and logic functions to allow functionality of this recorder to nearly match that of computers, along with the real time measured parameter display to show the values of 24 channels on a very bright and touch-sensitive screen are some of the definite advantages of the VGR600 series of recorders.  Integration of several functions within the same instrument eliminates the need for multiple devices and reduces installation costs.

In addition to their multi-functionality, high resolution, true VGA, full colour LCD displays
using TFT (Thin Film Transistor) technology provides exceptionally vivid colour and clarity. Process information is presented in ways familiar to the operators, such as circular or bargraphs indicators, horizontal or vertical line trends, statistical form (min., max., mean value with time stamp) and large digital format (numerical values are always shown on all the screens). Additionally alarm and event histories are stored for further analysis.  The user can access data on the screen as well as on site from a remote place via RS232/RS485 serial interface or Ethernet networking.  The historical data can be stored in the recorder flash ROM
or on a compact flash disk (up to 4 GB).  The VGR600 Series has two 24V/30 mA auxiliary power supply output.

The VGR600 may be used to measure voltage, current, temperature, resistance changes and other quantities converted into a signal or electrical parameter.  The source of measuring data can also be communication interfaces (ETHERNET, RS485).

Communication of the recorder in the network is possible by means of MODBUS, or HTTP protocols.  The HTTP server (www) enables carrying out the preview of current state of the recorder and sampling of archived data through the www browser.

Individual login and password for eight users, configurable access rights to the recorder resources and safe data format to confirm the integrity of data collected are some of the recorder's features to ensure safe working in the network.

The measured data is stored in a special binary format and it is impossible to manipulate or modify it, hence data security is fully guaranteed.


See the data sheet to learn about many important features of the VGR600.






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