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Bargraph Indicators With High Luminescence Brightness

Indumart multicolour (DB16, DB15 & DB13F) or single colour (DB13B) Bargraph Indicators use the new gallium nitride diode technology to bring a high accuracy, multicolour bargraph indicator with high luminescence brightness to show the value(s) of the input(s) both in bar and digital fashions.  High intensity of the bargraph light allows good visibility even in a sunlit room.  They are unmatched in their class of bargraph indicators.


These universal input bargraph indicators can display, record and control various processes and produce a current or voltage output.  They may convert input signals into mA or voltage output, and also have RS-485 digital interface and four relay or eight open collector type outputs.  They are intended for both simple and industrial applications and for applications destined to work in computer systems, with the recording of the input signals and producing ON/OFF control action.


Up to seven choices for bargraph colour, and up to three multicolour sections on the bargraph may be specified.  Indicating the alarm states, the trend changing of the process, and the value of input(s) digitally on 4-digit LED indicator(s) are other standard features of the DB18 series bargraph indicators.


Features such as storage of minimal and maximal values, detailed mathematical function processing of the inputs, galvanic isolations of all inputs and outputs, working range contraction (magnifier), password protection of the specification parameters, and many more capabilities make the DB series the most versatile bargraph indicators in the market.


For an economical type, DB18 with 50-segment LED lights may be used.


Bargraph Indicators

Circular Bargraph Indicator

Bargraph Indicator


For more information about Indumart Bargraph Indicators, please see our bargraph indicators section on our website.





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